Agriphotovoltaics in agriculture

Agriphotovoltaics in agriculture


Alexander Bauer will lead through the evening


PV and Agriculture
Gernot Stöglehner | Institute for Spatial Planning, Environmental Planning and Land Use Planning, BOKU

Potential analysis of agri-photovoltaics in Austria
Alexander Bauer | Institute of Agricultural Engineering, BOKU

Electric energy potentials and agricultural production
Christian Mikovits | Institute for Sustainable Economic Development, BOKU

Life Cycle Assessment of Agri-Photovoltaic Systems in Austria
Theresa Krexner | Institute of Agricultural Engineering, BOKU

Planning the energy transition together: Possibilities and experiences with collaborative simulation games and immersive visualisations
Thomas Schauppenlehner | Institute of Landscape Development and Recreation and Nature Conservation Planning, BOKU

Our panel:

Max Trommsdorff | Fraunhofer ISE  
Kasimir Nemestothy | LKÖ
Joachim Payr | EWS Sonnenfel
MAthias Janko | BML
Thomas Wrbka | Biodiversity Council

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