Renewables reduce and stabilise electricity price

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Launch of the "EWS Sonnenfeld - Bruck/Leitha" Agri-PV research and demonstration plant project

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Be active, stand up for a cause and persistently demand it. EWS has been doing this for 27 years.

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EWS Consulting – We think in generations.

Anyone who knows how to turn air into clean energy has the future on their side. Fossil energy sources are finite - but nothing and no one can stop the wind from blowing. It is an energy source which makes us independent and gives us peace of mind.

EWS Consulting uses its professional know-how to answer all your questions about wind energy. Our comprehensive know-how has been accumulated over many years and we have gained a great amount of experience by implementing wind energy projects all over Europe. These factors make us your perfect partner.

Wind power is the energy of the future. That is exactly how the EWS Consulting likes it, because we think in generations.