DI Dr. techn. Sabine Zerobin

Sabine Bauinger

After completing her doctorate in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Graz and working there in research, Sabine Zerobin wanted to try a new profession. Since she also wanted to develop her knowledge of renewable energy and return to Upper Austria where she grew up, we have been fortunate that she joined our team as project leader in the department of “Measurement and Evaluation” in September 2017. Her comprehensive education and many interests – from fluid mechanics and aerodynamics to economics, languages and design – will also be appreciated by our clients.


It is special for the EWS to have a woman as technical expert in our team. What made you decide to study mechanical engineering?

Because I had studied at a secondary school focused on languages, my enthusiasm for science and technology grew very late. It was just before completing my diploma that I became interested in how things function and how they can be improved. That I ultimately chose mechanical engineering and not physics, chemistry or electrical engineering was a gut decision which I made very spontaneously and directly by enrolment and have never regretted.

Why are you interested in wind energy / renewable energy?

From a technical point of view, of course, I am attracted to innovative technology and the fact that things are always changing in this area. Particularly exciting is technology which repeatedly offers something new and surprising to astonish me but which also offers potential for improvement.

Can you combine your personal interests with your work at EWS?

Definitely! For me, topics such a sustainability, environmental protection and renewable energy sources have played an important role in my life the last years and I am happy to be able to combine my personal interests and principles with my professional work at EWS.

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