Susanne Bruckbauer, B.A.

Susanne Bruckbauer

Susanne Bruckbauer joined the EWS team as assistant to the management in 2009. As an accountant, she brought special knowledge with her which she then perfected with a B.A. in business management in 2014. Ambition and commitment are typical traits of Susanne, who as an ambitious sportswoman also brings the necessary perseverance to the wind branch!


Why are you interested in wind power / renewable energy?

Wind is available. It doesn´t have to be produced. Wind is clean and always available. This is what fascinates me about wind power and renewable energy sources. Personally, I would like to see the development of wind power advance in the next years in Austria, especially in Upper Austria and Salzburg.

Can you put your professional interests to use at the EWS?

I worked in accounting before my job at EWS. I have a good hand at numbers and I like to work with them. I am particularly pleased that we have changed over to BMD, a computer program which makes paperless accounting possible. A modern way of working is very important to me.

How does you son Lukas like your job at EWS?

My nine year old son Lukas is a big fan of wind turbines and of EWS. We often ride our bikes together to the wind farm nearby and watch the wind turbines. The flexible working hours at the EWS and the short walking distance for me to work all benefit the family a great deal.

At first it was skiing and now it is running that spurs you to win medals. Is there any relation to your professional activity at EWS?

As long as I can remember, I liked to be physically active. My parents encouraged me as a child to take part in sports, also performance oriented. Due to the good compatibility between family and job, I started running a few years ago. I like to take on challenges and always want to improve my results. The necessary perseverance, self-motivation and self-management are also very important for my daily work routine.

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