Ing. Matthias Damberger, MSc

Matthias Damberger

After successfully completing the HTL-Braunau/ technical informatics, software engineering, Matthias Damberger started to work at EWS in our department for measuring and evaluation in March 2013. Matthias is responsible for the professional and timely use of the measuring equipment and also takes care of the data management. Particularly his manual skills and talent in the implementation of technical innovations are valuable for us and for our clients.

To ensure that theoretical knowledge is not neglected, Matthias started a course of studies during his employment at EWS in process engineering, energy and environmental engineering at the MCI Innsbruck.

As one of the initiators of our running team, he has long since overtaken us, also because he builds up his strength according to strict rules. He also likes to travel.


Can you put your professional interests to use at the EWS?

When I came across the job advertisement, I was very happy to find a job that would not only correspond to my education but also to my interests. I have been interested in renewable energy ever since I started my training at the HTL-Braunau and I believe that research, development and work in this field are extremely important. I can contribute my part in the EWS and this is a great pleasure for me.

What was your most exciting project? Why?

A constant and reliable power supply is indispensable for a modern measuring system and this is the reason that I have been working on the development of the EWS Power Trailer. One of the main problems was to find the perfect medium between mobility and weather resistance, storage capacity and costs. It was definitely fun for me to put theory to practice.

If you could choose a super power, what would it be and what would you do with it?

My super power would be flying. This ability would make everyday life much easier. Above all, I would pursue one of my favourite hobbies much more intensively – traveling!

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