Michaela Falk, MSc

Michaela Falk

Michaela Falk belongs to the female minority in technical occupations. She completed the HTL (Secondary College of Engineering) in electrical engineering with excellent results and then studied eco energy engineering. She has worked at the EWS in the department of Electrical and Power Systems Engineering in the planning sector since the end of 2013 and in particular performs network calculations. When there is need, she assists the construction management team where she can on the one hand use her practical training and on the other hand can contribute the experience she has from the planning sector.

Practical work continues at home where she is renovating her house. Her knowledge about energy efficiency in housing is a big help here!


What made you decide to become an electrical engineer?

Even as a child I was already more interested in cars and trains than in dolls. The results of an aptitude test showed my technical and mathematical skills. When we got our new pellet heating system, I was so fascinated by the control unit and wanted to find out more about it. Then I decided to go for technical training and that was the right decision.

What is special about working at the EWS?

We form a great team and new colleagues are integrated immediately. Already on my trial day, I was accepted warmly by everyone although I wasn´t even hired yet. By working in different project teams, there is good cooperation between the employees. And with environmental protection, we all have a common goal in mind.

If you had one wish, what would it be?

I would want a free market for energy. Renewable energy should be “profitable” without subsidies and subsidies for fossil fuels should be stopped. In addition, the complete impacts on the environment and follow-up costs for future generations of all types of power plants should be examined and compared. Then we would achieve a fair and comparable

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