Fabien Farella, MSc

Fabien Farella

Fabien Farella models wind fields and calculates precisely the energy yield of the wind farms of our clients. He investigates even the smallest deviation.

Fabien studied engineering and specialized in „Computational Fluid Dynamics and Energetics” in Nantes, France, where he also graduated as a Master of Science. For many years, he combined his professional development in the renewable energy sector through travels in Australia and Asia. After he became familiar with wind energy in Germany, he moved to Salzburg and started working for the EWS as a development engineer in 2014.


Can you utilize your personal interests through your work at EWS?

I can entirely devote myself to one of my hobbies and that is numerical simulation and programming!

It seems you enjoy it when you can feed your computer with wind data day and night and it then spits out results. Do you do anything for compensation in your free time?

Yes, I find compensation in the mountains. Long tours in storm and wind, most preferably in snow and ice are a challenge to me and help to clear my mind.

What is special about your work at EWS?

EWS encourages the creativity of its employees. We usually are working in new terrain where each task requires its own solution. It is always exciting.

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