Robert Gramlinger

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Robert Gramlinger has been working with us as project leader in the department of electrical and power systems engineering since 2011. After studying “Industrial Environmental Protection”, he worked for an internationally active company. As managing director under trade law for our technical offices for electrical engineering, he is your contact for our services in the department of electrical and power systems engineering. With the EWS, he wants to contribute to dealing with the environment in a responsible way. He is a volunteer fireman in his home town and so we immediately designated him as fire prevention officer at the EWS. Privately, he loves to spend time with his family and works at home building his house.


What are the main challengers in your job?

As an electrical engineer, I am naturally impressed with development of turbine technology. The enormous growth of turbine performance, hub height, rotor blade diameter or the increasing importance of internet technology for communication between people and machines are a challenge which I like to meet.

Where can you combine your personal interests with your work at the EWS?

Emergency plans are necessary for the safe operational management of wind turbines. I can use all my experience from working at the fire department to create these plans. Emergencies require safety plans which make it possible to handle the chaos phase of an emergency quickly.

Have you shown your daughter your workplace? What does she say about your work at the EWS?

Our daughter Nora not only likes my workplace but also had lots of fun during our company outing and at the wind farm festivals. “Wild Wind” also convinced her about wind power!

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