Mag. Ulrich Kirchmayr, MSc

Ulrich Kirchmayr

Someone who really wants to work for the renewable energy revolution takes a position as technical drawer with the aim to gain experience and then, as quickly as possible, changes to a project leader position. This is how Ulrich Kirchmayr began to work for the EWS in 2013.

His versatile education (HBLA Wieselburg, Bachelor degree in geography and teachers training for geography and economics and Spanish as well as a Master degree in Landscape, Regional and Urban Management) and his readiness to develop his talents make him an ideal member of the EWS team and a dedicated contact person for our clients. His hobbies include family, mountain sports and cycling and, as he specified, absolutely in this order!

We asked him the following questions:


Why are you interested in wind energy and renewable energy?

Because they are opposed to a paradigm of economics: scarcity. Sun and wind are available every day. We just have to use them. This has enormous socio-political potential.

Electricity from renewable energy is the basis for new environmentally friendly mobility. What role do you think the bicycle will play?

I have an easy answer. The bicycle will play an essential part. It is just the most energy-efficient way to get from A to B. When I take the train to work, I need 1 ¼ h from door to door. When I ride my bicycle home, I need about 1 ½ h. The bike is the best means to achieve this distance in this time with muscle power.

If you could choose a super power for yourself, what would it be and what would you do with it?

No super power, just more power! Then I could climb more difficult mountain routes.

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