Mag. Markus Sageder

Markus sageder hp

The ability to know where and how strong the wind blows is surely one of the most important skills our clients expect from us. They are in good hands with Markus Sageder. He studied meteorology and geophysics at the University of Vienna and subsequently at the Technical University of Vienna. He then gained experience as a project engineer in the field of environmental meteorology. In 2011, he returned to Upper Austria where he joined the EWS team and has been working in his special area of interest as a “wind expert” ever since. Part of his enthusiasm for wind and weather is his love for lakes and mountains and Markus likes to spend his free time sailing or mountain climbing. As of January 2018, he will lead our department of “Measuring and Evaluation” as well as the EWS Testing Center.


Why did you want to become a meteorologist?

My father´s enthusiasm for sailing and maritime cruising rubbed off on me already as a child and adolescent. Wind and weather have always been important, whether on a sailing vacation in the Adriatic Sea or taking part in sailing races on a lake in Upper Austria. My choice of studies was so to say “pre-programmed”.

What are the biggest challenges in your work as a wind expert?

As everyone knows, it is not easy to predict the weather a few days in advance. To calculate precise wind and energy yield forecasts for the life span of a wind turbine is therefore a special challenge which requires a lot of care and experience. To get it right is my job!

How does your engagement for “munderfing.hilft” (organisation to help war refugees) fit in with your work at EWS?

Wind energy also contributes to securing peace and social justice. When I work for “munderfing.hilft”, I am working in a thematically related area.

You are dealing with wind all week long; Do you still enjoy having even more wind in your free time?

I can experience directly what influence the strength of wind and turbulence have during sailing and mountain climbing and at the same time these sport activities are a way for me to unwind.

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