David Schedlberger, MSc

David Schedlberger

David Schedlberger is one of our „youngest“. After graduating in “green energy technology” with excellent results, he joined our team “Measurement and Evaluation” as a project leader at the end of 2014. Here he can apply his knowledge in “renewable energy production” and “flow technology and mechanics” especially for acoustic noise emission measurements. His private interests are bicycling and hiking, not only in Innviertel. He particularly impressed us with his personal commitment to the energy revolution.

David uses the practical experience he learned at his parents` farm for his work and understands how to connect logical relationships in complex calculations.


Why are you interested in wind energy?

Because it doesn´t cost anything and is abundantly available and moreover, it is great fun for wind surfing!

If you had to describe the EWS with one word, what would it be?


How would you describe yourself in one word?

Close to nature

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