Ing. Gerhard Steindl, MSc

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Although it may seem antiquated, Gerhard Steindl is one of the founding fathers of the wind energy branch in Austria. More fittingly, we would like to call him a pioneer for the ideal of a decarbonized economy, a trendsetter. This would be suitable to his philosophy of life. Gerhard was one of the first to graduate from the college course for environmental and energy consulting in Linz in 1993. Today, one would say he was co-founder of a start-up in 1993, the EWS, which carried out energy consultations and committed itself to renewable energy in reaction to the movement “Nuclear Power No Thanks”. Soon, wind energy would become Gerhard´s professional focus and livelihood. Always striving for something new, he not only earned the degree of Business Manager at the MOT School of Management at the Alpen-Adria-University in Klagenfurt/Austria with the title “Master of Science” in 2017 but also acquired a solid theoretical foundation for his further activities in implementation of climate protection.


Gerhard, you are withdrawing from your work for the wind industry at the EWS Consulting and starting something new. What are your plans?

I want to help companies to operate free of greenhouse gas emissions. We start by helping companies to calculate their corporate carbon footprint. In this way, we have a controllable measured parameter which we need to determine objectives and for the evaluation of implemented measures. Based on this, we develop a “Post Fossil Strategy”. In other words, we consider measures that will help to avoid all greenhouse gas emissions step by step.

What is your goal?

When I started to work in the field of wind energy in 1993, I couldn`t imagine that 10% of the Austrian total electricity consumption would come from wind power. In 2030, I would like to say, “I didn`t think it possible that Austria would halve its greenhouse gas emissions, that more than 10% of all companies produce no GWG, virtually all companies are working towards the goal of being GHG-free and that the EWS supported 1000 companies on their way.” I hope I am wrong and that the process is even faster.

Preaching water and drinking wine, this is certainly not your style! How do you privately manage to live a GHG-free life?

It is both a challenge and an asset to strive for. We have been living in a low energy house for 11 years and cover our heating demand with solar thermal energy and biomass. I now drive an electric car. Our electricity comes naturally from our PV system and from wind power. We are also especially pleased that we can harvest our “0-km” vegetables from our garden.

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