DI DI Lukas Winkler

Windmensch-EWS 575

Lukas Winkler completed his study of civil- and industrial engineering at Graz University of Technology and at Politecnico di Milano. Before Lukas came to EWS he was working in the field of foundation engineering and power plant construction across Europe. At the beginning of 2012 he started as construction division manager in the office in Bruck an der Leitha which was founded in the year 2011. Exactly 6 years later he was appointed as managing director of EWS Consulting GmbH.


What is the particular challenge of the wind energy sector for you as a civil engineer?
In contrast to other construction projects many different disciplines merge together in a wind park project. For example plant engineering, energy industry, electrotechnology, construction technology, economic and nature conservation regulation aspects, dedication- and approval processes etc. That’s a very complex structure with always new and exciting challenges.

What is important for you as manager of the EWS Consulting?
As manager I can`t only contribute my expertise, I can also make swift and autonomous decisions. Together with Wolfgang Neuhofer and our excellent team we are able to help the energy revolution proceeding rapidly.

How do you envision the EWS in 10 years? What are your visions for the company?
In 10 years we are almost up to 2030 and that means that everyone should be wide awaken to implement the measures to achieve the climate targets in the final spurt at latest. The EWS team has successfully been working for more than 25 years on wind park projects. Additionally we have been working on several new services focusing on decarbonation. Essential aspects thereby are e-mobility and propellent-free and sustainable management in all areas. In general we always try to improve and expand our service portfolio continuously and in accordance with our clients requirements and needs. Therfore I am optimistic that the EWS will still have a leading role in the renewable energy sector in the future.

How do you free your mind for the everyday duties ?
Just like many people in the wind industry I enjoy being in nature. When the wind blows around my ears and the snow is dusting I relax and then there is room for new ideas. That is exactly why a good balance of technology and nature is so important and precious to me.

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