Dipl. Geogr. Matthias Wozel, MSc

Matthias Wozel

After studying geography at the University of Greifswald, Germany, Matthias Wozel became passionate about wind energy. His first project was the environmental planning of the grid connection for an offshore wind farm in the German Baltic Sea. After moving to Barcelona, he was involved in the planning of numerous wind farms in Spain and in some South American countries. When he joined our team in 2014, he not only brought along his experience as GIS expert but also his knowledge as a planning engineer for wind turbines – a rare stroke of luck in our industry. He also experienced the decline of wind power in Spain and the tense situation on the Spanish labour market. Since he wanted to remain in the wind energy industry, Matthias and his family ventured a new start here with us in Austria. His readiness to acquire knowledge has enabled him to become an acoustics expert. He will soon be completing a Master´s degree in Acoustic Engineering at the University Mittweida / University München, Germany


How would you describe yourself in one word?

Although it is always difficult to describe a person in one word, I would say that curiosity describes my character very well. I am interested in the sound propagation at the Tauern as well as at the Weinviertel, in the red-necked goose at the Danube delta as well as in a measuring campaign in the Marchfeld, in the systematically searches of suitable sites for wind turbines with geo-information systems as well as in carrying out clarifying conversations with residents.

Why are you interested in wind energy / renewable energy?

I loved it as a child, when the cool Baltic Sea wind blew in my face. Today, I am fascinated by the fact that we can produce electricity with almost inexhaustible forces like wind. When wind farms are built and operated in harmony with nature and the environment, and at the same time local structures are strengthened, then I see that a dream has become reality. Even though the situation in Salzburg is not easy for wind energy, wind farms belong to the landscape of a modern society.

What got you interested in dealing with acoustics?

I always was interested in physics. It is exciting how sound waves are formed, propagated, diffracted and dampened, and how our ears deal with it. At the EWS I deal intensively with acoustic problems such as sound propagation, tonality, infrasound and their perception.

What would you say makes a project successful?

Whether a project is successful can be seen after its realization. Certainly, the satisfaction of our clients plays an important role and whether it was implemented quickly. A project is also successful if the residents nearby can identify with it.

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