EWS north orientation check of wind turbines

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In order to ensure our customers that they are getting accurate calculation results and meaningful operating analyses, we ensure the correct north orientation of their wind turbines.

The advantages for our clients…

They get reliable operating data as a basis for

  • effective wind farm monitoring and for operating analyses.
  • EWS Power Curve- & Performance Checks as well as for energy yield calculations.
  • comparison of the wind direction-dependent performance behaviour of different turbines.
  • Wind direction-dependent comparisons with meteorological measurements (e.g. met mast, LiDAR, etc.)

Inadequate “Wind Turbine Performance” is detected. In this way, financial losses can be prevented

In order to be able to determine from which direction the wind is blowing, meteorological sensors are installed on wind turbines. Wind direction is thus detected and this information flows directly into the controllling system. In addition, this data is the basis for wind farm monitoring as well as for detailed evaluations made in the course of EWS Power Curve & Performance Checks and for energy yield calculations.

Previously executed north orientation measurements have shown that there are deviations up to 36°. The comparison of the power curves and the sectoral energy production of individual wind turbines or neighbouring wind farms is only reliable if there are no deviations of the north orientation. Without a correct alignment to the north, the determination of the undisturbed sectors which are relevant for all analyses will therefore be a gamble.

We have developed an effective measurement procedure to check the north orientation of wind turbines and if necessary, to make corrections.

The EWS Experts…

  • perform a geographically north-referenced azimuth determination of the wind turbine.
  • create a detailed measurement report.
  • correspond with the wind turbine manufacturer to correct the north orientation in the control system of the turbine at the request of the client.

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