Windpark Hohenruppersdorf II and Spannberg II – EWS coordinates a common transport route


“With a good deal of personal effort, it was possible for us to get two active wind farm operating companies, W.E.B. Windenergie AG and Smart-Energy Betriebs-GmbH, to agree to a common transport route for the building of their wind farms Hohenruppersdorf II and Spannberg II,” reports Thomas Sutter, EWS project director.
This solution will make the implementation of the wind farms currently under construction a lot quicker and easier. The transport route will also be useful for future projects.
Transport companies carried out transport simulations using CAD and complying with the requirements of the turbine suppliers. This simulation has been adopted in the planning process and is necessary for:

  • Expansion of the curves of the access roads
  • Making space by felling and cutting of trees and bushes
  • Construction of a 5 meter wide bridge with a length of 4 meters
  • Collection of evidence by independent experts for the access roads and for buildings located on the transport route

Project data: Windpark Hohenruppersdorf and Windpark Spannberg II

Smart-Energy Betriebs-GmbH and WEB Windenergie AG

Wind turbine type: 10 x Vestas V126, hub height 137 m, 3.3 MW and 4 x Vestas V112 hub height 140 m, 3.3 MW
Installed capacity: 33 MW und 13.2 MW
Project team EWS: Thomas Sutter and Sonja Wallner

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