Austria's largest wind turbines to be installed.


Construction management of Repowering wind farm Gols-Mönchhof assigned to EWS

It is a mega project: 25 wind turbines will be replaced by 30 new ones. Instead of the previous 50 MW, the new turbines will produce three and a half to four times more electricity in the future. While the blade tip height used to be 150 metres, the GE 5.5-158 turbines will reach 242 metres. As reported by ORF, the new, more efficient turbines at the same location will then supply 90,000 households with wind power after commissioning.

Wind farm operator Püspök relies on EWS know-how

The excellent partnership in numerous wind farm projects convinced Püspök to rely on the expertise of EWS for this project as well.

Lukas Püspök says appreciatively: "We are very happy to have EWS as a long-term partner in the project. We're not finished yet, but you can already say that this project is an incredibly great team effort, and of course we include all the experts at EWS in that."

"And we are very proud to be part of the project!", says Lukas Winkler, GF of EWS Consulting GmbH. "It is a complex project and not only because of its scope. The old plants are being sold and will continue to be operated in Kazakhstan. The transport logistics presented us with very special challenges in Corona times. As Lukas Püspök said, the project is a team effort in which it is important that all the wheels mesh together well so that time and cost targets can be met. That's why we also made sure that the parallel dismantling and construction of the wind turbines was constantly coordinated in order to be able to generate as much electricity as possible for as long as possible and to make the best possible use of synergy effects in transport and infrastructure routes."

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