We take the worries and fears of youth seriously!


EWS is „Entrepreneur for Future“

We are convinced that faster and better climate protection measures are necessary to counteract the climate crisis. That is why we support the claims of #EntrepreneursForFuture.

It is almost unbelievable what those striking kids and teenagers from „Fridays for Future“ have been effected. They exactely put the climate crisis on point with phrasing and emphasising their fears and worries. And they will not let up to prevent the collaps. Now it is time to act, now we have to change our minds and start to think about the consequences of our behaviours.

„I am a father of two kids and I see the urgency and necessity to act sustainably for our future now. When we built our house we decided to take a solid timber construction with local timber in a low-energy consumption architecture which is provided with eco-power. In my free time I try to construct my consumer behaviour climate consciously and ecologically sustainable. I also try to convey those values to my kids. Professionally, as a company, we always try to act with responsibility for the future. So we constantly develop new services, for example in the sector of e-mobility and for decarbonisation strategies for communities and small and medium-sized enterprises.“

Wolfang Neuhofer, manager of EWS Consulting GmbH, has defined, together with Lukas Winkler, a  climate strategy for EWS as business goal. For the first claim 50% of the company’s fleet were converted into e-cars and the main part of the car pool will be electrified until the end of 2020. Of course the e-cars are refuelled with electricity from wind and sun. The company`s target achievement is reviewed annually by determining the Corporate Carbon Footprint.

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