EWS Consulting expands its service portfolio


Currently almost 2,000 wind turbines with an installed capacity of 2,632 MW are in operation in Austria and providing electricity from 100% clean energy for 1.62 Austrian households.

The growing number of wind turbines require more and more services for the technical operation of the wind farms. These services contribute to trouble-free operation of the turbines and maximum energy yields.

New in our service portfolio are the EWS Power Curve Checks carried out according to an accredited procedure for checking the performance behaviour of wind turbines. EWS Performance Checks identify possible causes for energy yield losses. Lack of performance can also be determined with the EWS north orientation check of wind turbines and in this way, financial losses can be reduced. Periodical partial discharge measurements allow for early detection of faults in the turbines and in the cables, thus preventing unplanned shutdowns of the entire medium voltage network. By means of Biological / ecological monitoring, the requirements of the licensing authorities can be met.

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