EWS LiDAR measurements are in demand internationally


Our wind measurement engineers are in continous operation

No matter if it’s Austria, France, the North of Germany or Bulgaria – we are always there where the wind blows. The benefits for our clients are obvious. Matthias Damberger (EWS teamleader wind measurement) explains why:

„In recent years we invested in the expansion of our LiDAR-Fleet. In total we have 5 LiDAR devices and 1 SoDAR device incl. an appropriate mobile power supply in-house. It doesn’t matter whether it`s a complex high alpine terrain with extreme weather conditions or if it’s a sunny coastal site. We have the appropriate measuring system including a configured Power Trailer. Our wind measurement devices are up-to-date, the maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum. Especially because of the high reliability of our power supply we guarantee long-time autonomous operation. So no matter where we measure, in the mountains or on a deserted and hardly accessable island, the needed maintenance costs on-site are equal to zero. A further advantage is our sophisticated logistic system. Within a few days we can be on-site with the whole measuring equiqment, fast and cheap. Therefore we ensure swift and efficient prozessing.“

The RSD-devices are rented on a weekly or monthly basis and are supervised by the experts of EWS.

Benefit from our experience from 188 wind mast measurements and more than 60 LiDAR measurements.

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