EWS wind measurements and planning services also asked for in the Middle East


EWS has received an order to participate in the development of wind farm projects in the Middle East. Together with our partner, several wind farms are to be developed. EWS is mainly responsible for carrying out standard-compliant wind measurements and for wind potential analysis and energy yield forecasts. Based on these results, we will create the optimal layout for the turbines in the wind farms which will be the basis for further planning steps.

The most important reasons the client chose us for this work were:

  • Our long-year experience in the field of wind energy and
  • The high acceptance of EWS reports by banks and investors.

Due to accreditation in the field of wind measurements, wind potential analysis and energy yield forecasts, our clients have the confidence that our services and reports comply with current international standards.

We hereby thank our partner for the confidence in us and look forward to a successful working relationship.

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