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In order to assist our clients in the future with their repowering projects in compliance with relevant laws, Klaus Rammerstorfer successfully completed training as a skilled person in deconstruction work in accordance with ÖNORM B3151 at the Building Academy in Langenlois, Lower Austria. The new decree for recycling building materials of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water came into force on 1 January 2016. It requires new knowledge about the separation and reuse of materials which occur during building and demolition activities. Thus training in this area is essential for competent construction management which conforms to legal and technical requirements.

Among other things, this regulation stipulates several obligations for the project owner. In particular, before a building or several buildings of more than 100 tons are demolished, a preliminary investigation about pollutants and impurities at the site must be carried out by a trained person according to ÖNORM B3151. This person must have training in structural engineering or in chemistry and must have knowledge about demolition, wastes and construction chemicals as well as about waste legislation.

If the structures to be demolished exceed a gross volume of 3,500 m³, the investigation of pollutants must be carried out by an external authorized institution.

“I have the required qualifications through my training as skilled person in deconstruction work. The correct implementation of builder´s obligations have to be taken into account in the planning phase and have to be laid down fully and correctly in the tender documents in order to make the resulting responsibility clear to the respective contractors. If requirements in the decree are not fulfilled, expensive penalties and ALSAG payments are impending – also for the project owner!” said Klaus Rammerstorfer, project leader EWS Construction Management.

Competent construction supervision by the EWS minimizes the risk of subsequent additional costs for the client! Regarding upcoming repowering projects this expertise is irreplaceable for our clients!

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Interview with Klaus Rammerstorfer

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