The citizens of Munderfing “tackle” the question of energy self-sufficiency


The municipality makes the energy transition possible through events and purchasing groups.

The citizens of Munderfing are actively interested in a clean and independent energy future! This was proved by the well-attended events organized by the EWS in May and June 2017 for the “Future Profile of Munderfing”.

Many businesses and community citizens have been involved right from the start. The presentations about e-mobility and solar power with over 100 participants exceeded all expectations. And most of the e-cars for trial drives were booked out in a very short time. More than 300 citizens of Munderfing drove 13,500 km with electricity during the “Mobility Days” in May and June. The fuel (electricity) for the pleasant, quiet vehicles was provided exclusively from 100% clean energy without pollutants at the 7 EWS newly constructed tanking stations. The entire EWS fleet of cars is to be converted to e-mobility by 2020 and this will save 30,000 Euros per year in operation costs and this emission free.

“If one takes the low operating costs of an electric car into consideration, the energy consumption is not only reduced by 2/3 but it is also more economical,” reports Joachim Payr from the EWS.

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