Three experts for deconstruction, recycling and waste management at the EWS – a plus for our clients


Professional training in the areas of deconstruction, recycling and waste management is essential in order to meet the new laws and technical requirements for competent construction management. Lukas Winkler, Klaus Rammerstorfer and Markus Bernardi completed this training and will be able to assist our clients, particularly with their repowering projects, in accordance with the new ordinance in the future.

The new Recycling Building Materials Ordinance (Bundesgesetzblatt II 181) requires that an expert has structural engineering or chemical training and has knowledge of demolition, waste and construction chemistry and waste disposal. This expert can carry out an impurities/pollutant analysis and create a deconstruction concept and release logs for the client for building space up to 3,500 m³. (source: BRV)

The EWS can now rely on three specialists in this field.

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