LiDAR/Mast measurements and energy yield assessment for projects in Austria

We have been measuring the wind for over 20 years. We know its power in our mountains and in the plains. Our network of measurements covers all of Austria. We have carried out more than 170 mast measurements and 30 LiDAR measurements all over Europe. We accompany the complete process from the search for a suitable site to determination of the exact wind turbine positions. Our calculations are the basis for decision-making by financial institutes. Our standards and quality criteria reduce risk for the client.

Customer: Our clients range from private persons and municipalities to traditional wind power companies in Austria as well as utilities.

Special characteristics

  • Measuring of complex sites by means of the flexible use of LiDAR measuring technology as well as use of a corresponding autonomous power supply with fuel cells
  • Use of a combined measuring system using mast measurements > 100 m, modern LiDAR measuring technology and instruments for recording bad activity (batcorder)
  • Checking of the site-specific power curve of a wind turbine by means of LiDAR measurements in accordance with the relevant IEC norm
  • Determination of the energy yield losses due to power curtailment and environmental constraints

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