Repowering 2018

Services EWS: Planning and Implementation from dismantling to new construction

In 2018 EWS Consulting GmbH is working in parallel on four large repowering-projects in Austria to replace in total 35 old plants by 20 more powerful and more efficient wind turbines. Therefore, the number of wind turbines will be reduced whereas the power generation will simuntaneously increase by one third.

A key premise of repowering is that old plants stay in operation as long as possible to generate electricity. The next-generation infrastructure is established while the existing wind farm is still gaining power yields. In order to meet the requirements of our clients safety is always in our minds. We pay attention to a resource-friendly circle economy as well as environmentally friendly transportation logistics. Of course we also pay attention to humans and nature.

Read the statements of our customers:

4 December 2017, Johannes Trauttmansdorff, customer: "The experience of EWS in the area of construction management, especially in the alpine area, is a huge asset. I can rely on Thomas Sutter, project manager of EWS, who is always able to find a solution!“

26 June 2018, Mark Suer, manager of ImWind Management and Head of Construction Management: "The Tauernwindpark is the prestige repowering project number one in the wind industry. As a client it is most important to us to have a smooth and secure workflow, to obtain yields as soon as possible and to work resource-friendly in harmony with nature. With EWS as a partner we are sure that in all matters work is done with full commitment to suit our requirements.“

Mai 2018, Martin Steininger, Windkraft Simonsfeld: "It is important for me that areas we do not use for power production anymore are going to be completely dismantled and can therefore be used for agricaltural needs as soon as possible, underlined Martin Steininger, Management of Windkraft Simonsfeld.

„Therefore, fundaments are removed completely and the concrete components are recycled by a construction company. The iron of tower segments and reinforcement is recycled. The excavation pit is filled with soil. This means that there are no more obstacles for agricultural use hereafter.“ (source: windkraft news, edition May 2018, page 4)

Special characteristics

Economic Wind power Sulutions / Sustainable added value for our costumers

Realistic schedules are implemented purposefully – „time is money“

  • While current wind farms produce electricity yields the infrastructure for the next generation is already built.
  • Required permits are obtained within a very short time


Transport concept and transport logistics – in accordance with local resources

  • For example gravel for the wind farm is produced on-site by a mobile crusher
  • As few empty runs as possible!


Circular economy and conservation of resources

  • From the entire dismantling of old plants and erecting the plants as affordable „second-hand product“ on an alternative location up to a destruction-free dismantling and sale of plant components (turbine building, hub, rotor blades) as well as recycling of steel towers.
  • Consultation concerning the sale of old plants is also a service of EWS.



  • Existing road trails and cable infrastructure are checked and if possible used further on.
  • Existing spaces are reused as storage places.
  • Foundation concrete of old plants is recycled in accordance with the construction material regulations and is completely reused for the crane sites of the new wind farms.
  • Building materials are disposed properly and the landscape is recultivated.


Highest safety standards to minimise the risks.

And everything with special regard to people and nature.

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