Accredited mast measurement in Edmundshof

We have been supervising a 140 meter met mast measurement for our client since March 2016. According to our motto “Everything from a single source”, our ecology team has been conducting bat monitoring at the same time. This saves time and money.

We have coordinated the approval procedure, clarified everything with the mast supplier and supervised the standard-compliant erection of the mast. In addition to reading and evaluating the data, we also take care of repairs and maintenance work. Not only is data about the site-specific wind and environmental conditions collected but at the same time bat monitoring is being carried out.

The data which comes from such a combined measurement results in the following advantages:

  • A wind farm configuration for optimal energy yields can be carried out.
  • Statements about structural and operational stability can be strengthened.
  • Uncertainties about energy yield calculations sink.
  • Already in an early planning stage, bat activity in the rotor blade area can be estimated and a site-specific risk analysis can be made.
  • Time and money savings.

Customer: Püspök Group, ImWind Group
Start of operation: 2016

Special characteristics

  • We not only collect data about the wind and environmental conditions, but also carry out bat monitoring at the same time. Two batcorders were installed at different levels on the met mast which collected data about bat activity from mid-March to mid-November.

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