Community-owned Wind Farm Denkendorf - Bavaria Germany

The EWS developed Wind Farm Denkendorf in neighbouring Bavaria in cooperation with the Bürgerwindpark Denkendorf GmbH & Co. KG, a company of neoVIS Energie GmbH. All our experience and knowledge about wind energy projects from the idea to implementation was put to good use here, in particular in the field of LiDAR wind measurements and technical planning. Implementation of the project began at the end of 2013.

Customer: In cooperation with neoVIS Energie GmbH
Wind turbine: 5 x Enercon E-92-2.350; hub height 138 m
Installed capacity: 11.750 MW

Special characteristics

  • Wind Farm Denkendorf is the largest community-owned project in Upper Bavaria.
  • Different measuring systems for determining the wind profile up to 200 m above ground at one representative site at the wind farm areal were combined.
  • Our package Owner’s Engineering was applied for the wind farm infrastructure (electrical dissipation, access roads, building sites).
  • A friendship has developed which will be the basis for many other projects which will help to accomplish the energy revolution.

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