Ecological construction management Großkrut-Hauskirchen-Wilfersdorf

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We not only carried out the construction management for Windpark Großkrut-Hauskirchen-Wilfersdorf (GHW) but our team for biology carried out the ecological construction management for the project.

The project was adapted by the client and the EWS construction team in the best way to create a successful connection between ecology and technology. For example, disturbance of possible breeding grounds of the barred warbler, a rare and shy bird species, could be reduced to a minimum.

Thus, a successfully approved eco-energy project could be implemented with minimal impacts to nature.

Customer: Windpark Simonsfeld Gruppe, ImWind Gruppe
Wind turbine: Senvion 3.2M114, hub height 143 m
Installed capacity: 38.4 MW (12 WTG)
Start of operation: 2016

Special characteristics

  • Main emphasis at the construction site in regards to potential breeding grounds for birds such as shrikes
  • Reduction of disturbances of the breeding grounds of the barred warbler by adapting the road concept and at the same time optimizing accessibility without an expensive change in the terrain (win-win situation!)
  • After the emergence of a field hamster during construction work and inspection of the construction site for hamster burrows, the ecological construction management team was able to give the all-clear signal. Construction work was allowed to continue.

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