Energy resource assessment for projects in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, USA

Although in some regions the grid connection and feed-in tariffs have not yet been determined, there are many project developers who want to have completed projects ready at hand for the right point in time. We accompany the complete process from the search for a suitable site to determination of the exact wind turbine positions. Our calculations are the basis for decision-making by financial institutes. Our standards and quality criteria reduce risk for the client.

Customer: Various clients

Special characteristics

  • Total planned capacity: > 1,000 MW (Europe and USA)
  • Wind resource and energy yield assessment for complex forest sites
  • Development of an optimal wind farm configuration for a 500 MW wind farm on the Black Sea Coast
  • Wind measurements and reports for alpine sites in the Romanian Carpathians in approx. 2,000 m above sea level
  • Site-specific use of linear CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) based calculation programs
  • Detailed calculations of the technical energy production losses, monthly and 24x7- pattern of energy production for negotiations of power purchase agreements in the USA

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