Parndorfer Platte/ Construction

At the Parndorfer Platte in Burgenland, Austria, the wind farms Mönchhof Nord (23 wind turbines), Mönchhof-Halbturn-Nickelsdorf (48 wind turbines), Andau-Halbturn (42 of 77 wind turbines managed by EWS) were erected. It was the first time in Austria that so many wind turbines were built simultaneously. EWS’ construction managers were hired to manage these challenging tasks. The team of EWS controlled costs, time and quality throughout the project implementation.

Customer: Püspök Group, ImWind Group, Energie Burgenland Windkraft GmbH
Installed capacity: 113 wind turbines, 339 MW
Start of operation: 2011 - 2015

Special characteristics

  • At peak times, a total of up to 200 workers ("green jobs") were occupied simultaneously with the erection of the wind turbines. Several companies were working at the same time. Safety was very important. The EWS building site coordinators paid close attention to the implementation of the safety and health plan.
  • A total of about 93,000 cubic meters of concrete and 10,000 tons of reinforcing steel was used for the foundations of the 110 wind turbines.
  • A total of about 345 km of cable was installed for the wind farms. This is almost exactly the distance from Salzburg to Eisenstadt. It was the aim of the EWS, through detailed planning, to minimize energy losses in the wind farm grid.
  • A particular challenge was the traffic plan. That was already an important issue for the EWS team when it was preparing the EIA paperwork.
  • The special fields of the EWS are in demand: 
    wind energy technology, measurement technology (LiDAR), electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, meteorology, auditing, landscape planning, regional planning, visualization, geo-informatics, biology, ecology, biotechnology and environmental technology, cultural technique, water management, geology, mathematics, infrastructural economics, architecture, planning and coordination of construction, civil engineering and project management.

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