Partial discharge measurements


Partial discharge measurements have been an integral part of our service portfolio for two years. Due to numerous advantages, the EWS partial discharge measurements have become standard for our clients. So far we have measured approximately 70 turbines from the manufacturers Vestas, Enercon and Senvion and have consulted our clients in cases where noticeable abnormalities were found.

By means of periodical partial discharge measurements, progressive damage to insulation, cable end seals, etc. can be detected at an early stage and the associated risks and dangers avoided.

Special characteristics

  • There is no additional load on the electrical system due to high testing voltages.
  • Repairs can be planned and carried out during periods of no wind.
  • Costs and work is less than with a test generator.
  • Even cable sections with lengths of 2 km can now be measured.
  • Cable sockets and end caps as well as the switchgear are automatically assessed at the same time.
  • Additional safety for the take-over of the WTG / Warranty is guaranteed

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