Wind Farm Gattendorf Nord II

Fotomontage Gattendorf Nord II

Wind Farm Gattendorf Nord II is the extension of the existing Wind Farm Gattendorf Nord (4 x E101, hub height 135 m). The EWS team already supported the client during planning of Wind Farm Gattendorf Nord.

The current available potential of land for the expansion of wind power utilization in the municipality of Gattendorf was optimally used.

Customer: wind & energy GmbH (Püspök Group)
Wind turbine: Vestas V126, hub height 137 m + 3 m foundation height
Installed capacity: 13.8 MW (4 WTG)

Special characteristics

  • Optimization of height restrictions of the WTGs together with the client and the authorities resulting in a greatly improved cost-effectiveness of the project
  • Location partially in flood drainage areas (HQ30 and HQ100), solutions were developed together with the client and additional experts which made approval of the project possible
  • Consideration (occasional) very high groundwater levels

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