Tauernwind Farm Oberzeiring

The Tauernwind Farm Oberzeiring was the highest wind farm in Europe at the time of installation (1,850 meters). 11 WTG of type Vestas V66 were installed in 2002. We were responsible for the planning and construction management. The extreme weather conditions (ice, snow, strong winds) and the sensible alpine flora and fauna presented a great challenge to the planners. New transport methods were created which made it possible to overcome the long distances.

The wind farm was expanded by Tauernwind Windkraftanlagen GmbH in 2007 and 2014. Thus the wind farm now consists of 13 x V66 and 1 x Enercon E92.

The 13 WTGs of type V66 have now been repowered. For this purpose we have obtained all the permits for our client in a short time. It should be emphasized that through repowering, the number of wind turbines has been reduced from 13 to 9 of the type Vestas V112. Due to the technical progress of plant engineering in the recent years, the energy yield and profitability of the project will increase despite the reduced number of wind turbines.

Customer: Tauernwind Windkraftanlagen GmbH
Installed capacity: 11 wind turbines, 19,75 MW
Start of operation: End of 2002

Special characteristics

  • EU project for researching wind energy in alpine regions
  • Installation in just six and a half months
  • Great precaution was taken to protect nature - e.g. the upper layer of grass was carefully dug out and, after installation, was set back in place.
  • Access road: 11.8 km long, 900 meters difference in altitude
  • Electrical connection: Electrical lines are 20.86 km long and crossed many streams and streets
  • Development of a special transportation concept
  • Transport of the rotor blades by helicopter

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