Wind Farm Baia - Romania

Our work in this part of Europe started with projects on the northern Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria. The project Baia 1 led us to the northwestern corner of Romania.

Customer: Holrom Renewable Energy s.r.l.
Installed capacity: totaly 17 MW
Start of operation: Baia I 11/2009, Baia II 07/2011

Special characteristics

  • Repowering with know-how from the EWS consulting 
    The first step was taken when a Romanian wind farm operator installed 3 small second-hand wind turbines on a hill near Baia. The next step, a larger wind energy project at the site, was carried out with the Austrian company Imwind Elements GmbH as partner. The new wind turbines of the Wind Farms Baia 1 are two Vestas V90, one with 2 MW and one with 3 MW. Two of the old wind turbines were disassembled.
  • Implementing projects with Romanian partners and specialists 
    The EWS Consulting was responsible for the wind farm layout, energy yield calculations, turbulence calculations and for construction management. Employees of Holrom supervised construction at the site and made sure that official regulations were carried out. Due to the good cooperation between the two companies, the project could be implemented in the difficult terrain.
  • Expansion: Project Baia 2 started in August 2010
    In August 2010, construction began on Wind Farm Baia 2 with an additional 5 wind turbines. The EWS Consulting was again responsible for construction management.

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