Wind Farm Höflein

Höflein ist the first large wind farm in Austria with the new clean energy tariff. In recent years, wind energy development had been limited to only single wind turbines! Wind Farm Höflein was approved in 2009 and has been under construction since fall 2010. The wind farm is located in one of the best wind regions in Austia, and will produce 33 million kWh annually.

Customer: WEB Windenergie AG
Wind turbine: Vestas V90
Installed capacity: 12MW (6 WTGs)
Start of operation: Beginning of August 2011

Special characteristics

  • Environmental impact study completed in 2009 by EWS
  • First "modernized" V90 in Austria with new nacelle and external cooling system
  • Deep foundation with firm ground conditions
  • Power feeds into the new tranformer substation Höflein (EVN)

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