Wind Farm Munderfing

Energy for the Future – Wind Farm Munderfing

This movie shows the construction of a wind farm from an exciting perspective with impressive and stunning images. Thomas Kirschner, award winning cameraman and director, captures not only the details of this complex project in a special way but also shares with us the emotions and enthusiasm of the participants. Let yourself be inspired by the energy of the future!

A production of k-works, directed by Thomas Kirschner
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Client: Windpark Munderfing GmbH

Wind Farm Munderfing is the first wind farm owned to a majority by an Austrian municipality and this is a special kind of citizen participation. Due to the fact that the community operates the project, all community citizens are involved, even those who would otherwise not be able to participate themselves.

Customer: Windpark Munderfing GmbH
Wind turbine: Vestas V112, hub height 140 m
Installed capacity: 15 MW (5 turbines)
Start of operation: Spring 2014 (completion of foundations and access roads October 2013)

Special characteristics

  • The five wind turbines are at least 1,650 meters from the nearest residential area. This means that there will be no disturbance due to noise and shadow flicker.
  • Annual energy production: 32 million kWh – electricity for approximately 10,000 households. This is about one third of the households in the Braunau District.
  • 75,2 % of the wind farm belongs to the community, 14,7 % to the Energie AG and 10,1 % to the Energiewerkstatt GmbH.
  • Life span: 20 years, period of amortisation: 12-13 years
  • The municipality of Munderfing will be supported by CO2 compensation payments from Habegger-Clients for costs incurred for planning and construction of the 6th wind turbine of the Windpark Munderfing.
  • 2/3 of the people who live in Upper Austria believe that wind energy is one of the most popular forms of energy production in Austria, followed by all other renewable energies.
  • “Do something instead of complaining” is the motto of the people who live in Munderfing. All political groups in Munderfing gave their OK for building of the wind farm.


Martin Voggenberger, Mayor of Munderfing, ÖVP: “Munderfing is the first community in Austria which will operate its own wind farm. This is the largest public participation model. We are setting new standards and are showing what modern politics mean.”

Heinz Stockinger, Platform against Nuclear Threats: “Wind turbines are relatively easy to disassemble. They produce no hazardous waste such as nuclear power plants do.”

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