Wind Farm Sternwald

Right from the beginning, it has been a basic principal of the EWS Consulting to make sure that there is suitable distance from wind turbines to nearby dwellings. This means that, in a landscape scattered with houses, the only possible wind turbine sites are on exposed summits or in forests free of dwellings. Wind farm Sternwald was the first wind farm to be built in a forest.

Customer: Sternwind Errichtungs- und Betriebs GmbH & Co KEG
Installed capacity: 7 wind turbines (14 MW) + 2 wind turbines (6 MW) in 2016

Special characteristics

  • The wind farm is being enlarged from the current 7 to 9 wind turbines. Access roads, cabling and foundations will all be completed this year. The erection of the 2 turbines (each 3 MW) was in 2016.
  • Citizen participation in the form of bonds will allow the public to take part in the production of wind power.
  • Development of a transport concept with minimal impact on the forest
  • Development of a special assembly concept which will protect the forest
  • No additional forest clearances are necessary due to single blade assembly
  • The individual rotor blades are mounted to the rotor hub above the treetops

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