Research and development

Renewable energy needs a sound scientific basis. International studies and symposia demonstrate the value and feasibility of the renewable energy approach.

  • Project „ Development of an innovative strategy as well as of innovative services for climate protection as defined by industry 4.0 for the Energiewerkstatt Group (ProTRANS – 4.0, project start 2016)
  • Research Project „Further development of LiDAR & BAT measurement technology“, Upper Austria (2014)
  • Research Project LiDAR wind measurement "Wind in Forests", Upper Austria (2012)
  • Study about Repowering Potential for Wind Energy in Lower Austria and Burgenland (2010) 
  • Cubes® - Manual for the development of an energy concept for communities to effectively switch over to renewables within 30 years (2008)
  • Co-operation in the research report "electricity buoy - construction and practical testing of the small-scale version of a floating small power station for free-flowing watercourses" (2009)
  • Study "Site selection and site evaluation for pumped storage hydropower stations in Austria" (2008)
  • Co-operation in the study "Wind Energy in Austria as an Economic Factor" (2001)
  • Organization of 9 symposia about the subject of wind energy and publication of 8 conference proceedings, 2005 and 2007 together with IG Windkraft Austria
  • EU project "Tauern wind park Oberzeiring" (5th Framework Programme 2000-2003)
  • Study: "Wind energy in Austria" (1993-94, out of stock)