Concentrated team competence

Our strength lies in the interplay of our multifacedet team.

With our experts, everything comes from a single source: Wind energy technology, wind and noise measurement technology, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, eco energy engineering, meteorology, landscape planning, spatial planning, geography, geoinformatics, geology, biology, ecology, cultural engineering and water management, environmental engineering, infrastructure technology, economics and project management.

Use our wealth of experience and our excellent networking opportunities in the wind industry to your advantage.

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Real ecofreak: ecology and biology

Yes, we are "ecofreaks" in the truest and best sense of the word. We are the only company in the industry to employ our own team of four ecologists and biologists who accompany each project.
From preliminary assessment and site evaluation, to construction supervision, monitoring and dismantling, this department is a true advocate for nature: a lobbyist for birds, bats and flora, if you will.

The goal

Integrating the many interests of a project, balancing regulatory requirements, economic benefits, environmental protection and any opposition to implement climate protection projects.

It's a long and rocky road to "saving the world". But with an "official partner of climate protection" like us, your worries and concerns can be transformed into creativity and confidence, and ultimately into sustainable concepts and success.

Thorough testing: the EWS Testing Center

At EWS we unite the highest standards, professional competence and international recognition under one roof. Our Testing Center complies with EN ISO/IEC 17025 and since 2015 has been the first and only Austrian engineering office to offer accredited services in the field of wind energy.

Accredited services

  • LiDAR measurements
  • Mast wind measurement
  • Verification of RSD devices (LiDAR/ SoDAR)
  • Wind potential and yield forecast
  • Determination of site-specific wind and environmental conditions
  • Power curve and performance measurement
  • Sound emission measurement and frequency analysis

Multiplying knowledge: research and development

Renewable energy needs a reputable foundation. International studies corroborate its usefulness and feasibility. And symposia disseminate this knowledge. Because thinking about future generations means taking responsibility right now. In almost 30 years of business activity, many things have evolved. Here is a selection of our most recent projects:

  • EWS Sonnnenfeld® Bruck/Leitha - agri-photovoltaics research and demonstration plant, Lower Austria (project start: 2022)
  • Wind Turbine Performance Testing, research project, Upper Austria (2018)
  • Developing LiDAR and BAT measurement technology, research project, Upper Austria (2014)
  • LiDAR wind measurement "Wind im Wald", research project, Upper Austria (2012)
  • Study on the repowering potential of wind energy, Lower Austria and Burgenland (2010)
  • Energiebaukasten® - manual for the preparation of an energy concept for municipalities for an efficient transition to renewable energy within 30 years (2008)

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