The success of a wind farm starts with selecting the right site. This – as well as all other economic, ecological and legal aspects – are easy to plan in advance.

If you have the necessary know-how, like we do at EWS. That's because we know from experience that you're not just smarter in hindsight, but espacially in foresight.



First, we think about what it is that turns your idea into a concrete project.

  • Analysis of potential areas
  • Project presentation and public relations
  • Wind measurement by means of Mast, LiDAR or SoDAR incl. RSD verification (accredited services)
  • Acoustic noise measurement
  • Preliminary nature conservation assessment and site evaluation
Technical draft planning

Technical draft planning

Let's take the first steps to planning your successful wind project.

  • Wind potential and energy yield forecast (accredited services)
  • Site classification and site suitability assessment (accredited services)
  • Detailed nature conservation surveys
  • Network planning and coordination with the grid operator
  • Creating an optimised wind farm design
Technical permit planning

Technical permit planning

Let's go through the official approval procedures together – for the best possible result.

  • Electrotechnical planning incl. grid calculations
  • Technical planning of the wind farm infrastructure
  • Consulting and planning of site-specific plant equipment
  • Landscape and site assessment including visibility analyses and photomontages
  • Shadow impact assessments
  • Acoustic noise assessments for the operational and building phases
  • Ornithological and bat surveys
  • Air quality survey
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Planning coordination
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for submission
  • Technical support of the official approval procedures
  • Technical due diligence

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