Agri-Photovoltaics: Hectares of solar power

The term agricultural photovoltaics means nothing more or less than being able to use your agricultural land twice – namely for farming or grassland cultivation AND for "electricity farming".

And it does this without any significant loss of acreage because 80 % of the area remains usable for agriculture.

Additional revenue

By "harvesting" electricity and food at the same time, you can increase your yield per unit of land up to 160 %. The annual solar power production on a 5-hectare solar field is equivalent to the power consumption of 1,500 households.

1,000 10-hectare EWS Sonnenfelds® (one every other municipality!) have the potential to cover 17 % of our total electricity consumption in Austria. And this is possible without wasting soil resources and without sealing surfaces.

Design from Austria

The EWS Sonnenfeld® – scalable, industrially manufactured mounting systems that have been tried and tested over many years – can be used immediately, thereby significantly improving the economic efficiency of agri-photovoltaic systems.

Because the renewable energy expansion act (EAG) does not provide for any deductions for Agri-PV systems, in contrast to open-space PV systems, such a project has a clear economic advantage. The innovative approach: The EWS Sonnenfelder software enables maximum electricity yield with minimal loss of acreage.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Additional crisis-proof revenues for agriculture in the event of climate-related crop losses
  • Simultaneous regional production of electricity and food
  • Higher social acceptance due to minimal loss of acreage (2 %) and increase in biodiversity (18 % flower strips)

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