Whether on agricultural land or in open space, the more planning goes into your solar plant, the easier the following project steps will be.

Before the project is ready to be built, we work out your precise PV potential and deal with technical approval planning. And our biologists always keep a keen eye on the main thing: our natural environment.


And now to re-zoning and its sunny potentials

  • Land check
  • Load profile analysis
  • Layout plan including performance specification & yield calculation
  • Network planning and coordination with the network operator
  • Cost estimate with electricity production cost calculation
  • Drawing up re-zoning documents and technical procedural support
  • Project presentation and public relation

Technical approval planning

Getting permits sounds worse than it is (if you have the right partner).

  • Design planning
  • Creating an optimised occupancy design
  • Electrotechnical planning
  • Technical planning of the PV infrastructure
  • Detailed nature conservation surveys incl. expert contribution
  • Landscape and site assessment including visibility analyses and photomontages
  • Glare report
  • Yield forecast
  • Planning coordination
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for submission
  • Technical support of the official approval procedures

Your contact person

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