Customer earth

In the 90s we couldn't predict where our path would ultimately take us.

But we had a real hunch that we would be able to turn a clear goal, the right ideas and clever minds coupled with basic commitment into a company. A company that keeps an eye on the environment AND people. Because we firmly believe that projects that promote a healthy environment can only emerge from a healthy (working) environment. For our most important customer: earth.

It's obvious that the energy transition can only be achieved if we also change our behaviour. We all know that the most environmentally friendly energy is the energy that doesn't get used. But we feel responsible for the energy that does get used.

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Stubborn number 1

It takes a lot of perseverance and, yes, stubbornness, but also competence and conviction to set up wind turbine after wind turbine.

And there were only a few of us who consistently followed this path from the very beginning. The wealth of projects, the experience that comes with them, the way we approach such projects today and a great team that is happy to work on the future of the company and the planet – all this makes us number 1.

Are we praising ourselves a bit too much?

Don't get us wrong. Arrogance is not our thing. And it would definitely get in the way of sustainable technological innovation. No, we really only embrace attributes that we can easily substantiate, albeit with a little bit of pride.

You know, anyone who was active in the renewable energy and energy efficiency scene in the 90s was generally not taken all that seriously by the established (conventional) players.

We prove every day that we are as serious as ever about our principles. And we have captured them unforgettably in our corporate philosophy - which can be reviewed in our Sustainability Report.

Partner and network

Creating a good climate together.

We need a competent team within the company, we also need a team of partners and professional networks. We have always been aware of this similarity and put it into practice every day.