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The Team Who are the clever minds at EWS? The experts at EWS with their years of experience going back to 1994 make them internationally sought-after partners. DI DI Lukas Winkler +43 7744 20 141…  
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Top advantages Apply now and benefit! Full board free of charge & excellent Mobility sweets ÖBB advantage card, e-company vehicle Top workplace modern & environmentally friendly Working…  
3. Suchergebnis: Know-how  
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3rd place at the Upper Austrian Pegasus Business Award in the category "The Innovation Emperors" for EWS Sonnenfeld Bruck an der Leitha, June 2023 Quality Seal for Workplace Health Promotion…  
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Your browser does not support the video tag. You can download the mp4 file here. Wind turbines Turning wind edges and a child running through the picture with…  
5. Suchergebnis: Fast-track to ElWG submission  
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The Agri-PV project "EWS Sonnenfeld Parndorf" comes to the negotiating table in a rush.  
6. Suchergebnis: One of the largest agri-PV projects in Europe is being built in Burgenland.  
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EWS provides expertise for the construction of the Tadten-Wallern solar park, which has been approved for up to 164 MW.  
7. Suchergebnis: Repowering  
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Your contact person Contact us for your project and your own "good news for planet earth"! Back to EWS-Wind Services Technical design and approval planning Execution planning and…  
8. Suchergebnis: Solar  
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Smile and the sun will come out! Sunenergy Large-scale photovoltaics give the sun and our planet something to smile about. And you as an EWS customer, too, of course! Our journey together…  
9. Suchergebnis: The first EWS Sonnenfeld® for Germany  
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The realisation of the first EWS Sonnenfeld® in Germany is to begin this year. To be precise, the Agri-PV system with an installed capacity of 944 kWp will be constructed on the university campus of…  
10. Suchergebnis: "Watts & Wheat" - PV as a business model for agriculture  
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The "Ökosoziales Forum" sheds light on the role of agriculture in the energy transition and in the fight against climate change.  
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