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Your browser does not support the video tag. You can download the mp4 file here. Wind turbines Turning wind edges and a child running through the picture with…  
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Future wants to be created.  
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Karin Grabner +43 7744 20 141 - 25 +43 664 85 49 044 k.grabner@ews-consulting.at Your contact person Please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions! But that's…  
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The Team Who are the clever minds at EWS? The experts at EWS with their years of experience going back to 1994 make them internationally sought-after partners. DI DI Lukas Winkler +43 7744 20 141…  
5. Suchergebnis: Agriphotovoltaics in agriculture  
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Agriphotovoltaics in agriculture  
6. Suchergebnis: Storks welcome at EWS!  
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The specially made stork's nest is straightened.  
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Stubborn number 1 It takes a lot of perseverance and, yes, stubbornness, but also competence and conviction to set up wind turbine after wind turbine. And there were only a few of us who…  
8. Suchergebnis: Climate protest - Tomorrow is too late  
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Every year, emissions must be reduced by 7% across Austria and thus also in Upper Austria, so that we can achieve the climate targets by 2030.  
9. Suchergebnis: Turn old into new. Vestas offers solution for rotor blade recycling.  
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Up to now, 85 % of wind turbines could be recycled. The rotor blades made up the rest. Now Vestas has developed a chemical process to get old wind turbine blades back into circulation.  
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Imprint EWS Consulting GmbH Katztal 37 5222 Munderfing Austria Tel: +43 7744 20141-0 Fax: +43 7744 20141-41 office@ews-consulting.at VAT Number: ATU 656 47 678 Commercial register no.:…  
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