Smile and the sun will come out!


Large-scale photovoltaics give the sun and our planet something to smile about. And you as an EWS customer, too, of course! Our journey together can start on your property, which we will thoroughly test for all possibilities. Then we know which of our solutions will give you the perfect balance of costs and returns.

Agricultural land benefits from the EWS Sonnenfeld, a special and novel "agri-photovoltaic system" that allows you to combine agricultural yield with the generation of electricity. Depending on the circumstances, we make use of large open spaces or even a combination with wind energy. Always from the experienced experts at EWS, who keep an eye on your revenue and ecological impacts.



Whether on agricultural land or in open space, the more planning goes into your solar plant, the easier the following project steps will be.

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Now it's time to get down to business.

In the realisation of your solar project we leave nothing to chance, and everything to our experts.

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We have now created the ideal conditions together.

Now the sun just has to shine and put us in a good mood.

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We bring together what belongs together.

Be it an existing wind farm that gets a solar energy update or the planning of a new eco-combined power plant – a win-win for you and the climate:

  • PV-integration in wind farms without increasing power input
  • Substantial reduction in costs for grid discharge and grid connection
  • Hybrid plants stabilise electricity production, which means less pronounced peaks or overall less downtime when no electricity is generated

We take into account the integration of PV systems as part of our pre-project planning. Environmental factors, topography, technology and yield are all included in the considerations from the beginning. This is how we turn your eco-combined power plant into a sustainable investment for the future together.

Our special: An EWS Sonnenfeld® for your wind farm

This special combination of wind energy and agri-photovoltaics impresses with the triple use of wind generation, solar generation and food production, using the least amount of land.

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