Repowering Windpark Gols Mönchhof (EIA)

The repowering Gols Mönchhof is the largest repowering project, which we have accompanied through the approval process (EIA) until now. The wind farm includes 29 wind turbines (WTGs).

In the course of construction of these 29 turbines, 19 older WTGs will be dismantled. - Specifically, the existing wind farms Gols and Römerstraße will be completely repowered and the wind farm Pannonia will be partially repowered.
The repowering will double the installed capacity by more than a half. Instead of the previous 38 MW, a total of 95.7 MW of renewable electricity will be fed into the grid in the future.

Repowering projects require a high level of experience. Many repowering projects have very different individual characteristics and often require much more complex and sophisticated solutions than new projects when using the existing infrastructure (e.g. how to deal with existing cables or the total output (grid connection), how to manage the construction and commissioning of new plants, while the old plants should be in operation for as long as possible, so that as much wind as possible can be harvested during the construction or dismantling phase ...) - We provide the answers!

Client: wind & energy GmbH (Püspök Group)
Wind turbine: Vestas V112, hub height 119 m & 140 m
Installed capacity: 95.7 MW (29 WTGs)

Special features

  • Repowering with a significant increase in the size and number of wind turbines and thus optimised use of the available planning area for maximum yields
  • Complex repowering project of several wind farms simultaneously with different grid connection points, partial continued use of underground cables, etc.
  • Optimisation of height restrictions of the wind turbines together with the client and the authorities, resulting in a greatly improved profitability of the project