Authorisation granted for Sigmundsherberg wind farm in the Waldviertel.

EWS contributes expertise in the course of the EIA process and on nature conservation issues.

The population recently voted in favour of two of three planned wind farm projects in the Waldviertel region of Lower Austria. This means that the operators can now begin preparations for the official approval of 13 of the 18 wind turbines that were put to the vote. This also includes the environmental impact assessment.

The procedure under the Environmental Impact Assessment Act (UVP-G) is the strictest and most extensive authorisation procedure for projects in Austria.

Wolfgang Neuhofer from EWS: "We have been working on the planning and realisation of wind turbines for 30 years now and have a lot of experience and routine in the preparation of approval documents and the official requirements for renewable energy projects.  113 positively accompanied procedures, including 39 EIA procedures, are proof of this. We can also cite many positively completed procedures under substantive law and project amendment procedures on the EWS reference list."

For the Sigmundsherberg wind farm, planned by Windkraft Simonsfeld AG, EWS prepared the EIA submission documents and carried out nature conservation surveys.

On the basis of an elaborate review process of the documents submitted in the EIA procedure by experts and assessors, the Lower Austrian provincial government finally issued a favourable EIA decision.

"We are always delighted when our work contributes to the realisation of a renewable energy project. Because every domestic and emission-free kWh that is realised counts! and brings us one step closer to climate neutrality. If the approval process took only half as long as it does now, it would be much quicker," says Wolfgang Neuhofer.

Green light for the Sigmundsherberg wind farm

The Sigmundsherberg wind farm project with six wind turbines from the German manufacturer Nordex, each with a rated output of 5.7 megawatts, has now been approved in the first instance.

 "The Sigmundsherberg wind farm is an important project for the future. We will produce enough renewable electricity at this site to meet the annual needs of 24,000 households. In this way, we can make a further contribution to the country's climate and energy goals," says Windkraft Simonsfeld AG Technical Director Markus Winter in a current press release.