Practical test at EWS Sonnenfeld® successfully passed!

Power generation and agriculture on one site - is that possible? And how that works! And even better than we had originally expected.

As so often in the planning phase of a new project, the concept is tinkered around with, experts are consulted, variants are played through, considerations are weighed up and optimisations are made right up to the end. It is only during the implementation phase, when the planned project slowly takes shape and becomes a reality, that all these things become tangible.

Trouble-free mechanical management

The tension was great at the first test run. But as it turned out, there was no reason for it, because everything went like clockwork. The first task was to control the position of the movable PV modules, we call them "sun catchers", via the tablet in such a way that the farmer can drive his machines through the cultivation rows without any problems.

  •     Tablet control: Check!

While the modules are horizontal, the farmer climbs onto his tractor and threads his 15-tonne Massey Ferguson 350 tractor and 6m Horsch light cultivator and direct seeder into the first row with a centre distance of 9m. The GPS-guided tractor drives swiftly and dead straight through the rows. The curves and threading into the next row also work flawlessly.

  •     Mechanical cultivation: Check!

Farmer Hannes Raser is satisfied with the result: "Everything worked perfectly. Of course, you always have to keep a close eye on the PV modules, especially during the turning manoeuvres, so that the machines get around the bend without damaging them. But after two or three runs you get the hang of it."

Here you can see the video on cultivation at the EWS Sonnenfeld®.