Whether lowland, forest or alpine location, we are where the wind blows

Our measurement team is currently on the road in Germany. We were recently commissioned by Chiemgau GmbH to supervise an accredited LiDAR measurement at a forest site in the district of Traunstein. The measurement, including autonomous power supply, has already been installed by our experts and will now provide meaningful measurement data over a period of 12 months to determine the site-specific wind potential as well as the wind and environmental conditions on site.

The advantages of LiDAR measurement are obvious, says Markus Sageder, Head of EWS Testing Center: "Especially for large hub heights and complex/wooded sites, LiDAR technology provides an indispensable contribution to an economic wind energy project. LiDAR measurements offer the possibility to determine wind speed and direction at any measurement height up to 300 m above ground and this at the highest quality level."

LiDAR wind measurements are small and almost invisible. Accurate and compact, quickly mounted in any terrain. Permits are not required. Our claim: to use state-of-the-art methods to increase the forecasting accuracy for large hub heights and locations in the forest, and to do so within the framework of our accredited Testing Centre.

We have already been active in the field of wind measurements for more than 29 years. Around 200 mast measurements and 100 LiDAR measurements carried out throughout Austria and internationally are proof of this.